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Well, 2011 is here and this is the first video-ized Flash-Fiction piece for the New Year.

There is a lot of darkness in human history, and yes, most of it has been hypothesized countless times to the meaning of it all and when it will all end. To this I have no answer no more than the next, but eventually it will all end; this is controlled by inevitability no matter what is thought (you do know stars don't last forever, right?).

If you get a chance, please check out the Musician's websites (this will help support them an the Creative Commons movement), and please immerse yourself in the wonderful artwork of Amy Galloway in her gallery.

Yes, this is the longest video that I have done so far, and yes the intro is long, but without it, well, nothing would make much sense. I hope you enjoy.

Happy New Year's everyone.

You have my heart,

Michael Frost