Israeli Philharmonic Choir Perform the Creole Mass


by NTDTelevision

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The Trappist monastery near Jerusalem only opens its doors to the public twice a year… on Christmas and Easter. Recently, the Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir took advantage of the season.. Here's more from our correspondent.

The Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir swept the audience in an exciting musical celebration of percussion, rhythms and authentic South American instruments and music.

They performed at the Church of the Trappist monastery near Jerusalem.

Leonti Wolf is the conductor of the choir.

[Leonti Wolf, Conductor, Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir]:
"This is great and beautiful music, full of life and joy. The audience loves it and we are very pleased to present this gift to the public. The ensemble you see is made up of American and Latino musicians who play on authentic instruments."

The philharmonic choir is oldest Israeli choir, existing for 70 years.

It was founded by the immigrants from Germany who came in the mid-30s after Hitler's rise to power.

The singers perform only because of their love for music and receive no pay.

[Gadi Kimel, Member, Tel Aviv Philharmonic Choir]:
"Whoever loves music, knows that it is a nourishment for both body and soul. It's indispensable. It is a lot of fun and there is a very good atmosphere in the choir and I encourage you to come and visit."

[Elena Baidak, Performance Organizer]:
"We chose this place because it is very special and very elegant and very acoustic."

Residents of Israel and tourists attended the performance.

The bursts of applause throughout the show were a clear indication of the audience’s feelings.

At the end of the show, the choir and audience immediately left the church.

The bells started to ring, and the monks’ evening prayer began.

Reporter:Lee Rom Photographer:Michael Ash
NTD News, Jerusalem, Israel.