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    Gladwell Attributes High Line Park to NYC 'Backwardness'


    Gladwell Attributes High Line Park to NYC 'Backwardness'
    The Graduate Center, CUNY - Prohansky Auditorium
    Exploring the power of place in our lives, this year the Great Issues Forum poses questions such as: How does our sense of place define us? How are our notions of space and place evolving as we move into the future? How is urbanization shaping our physical and human environment?Participants include Malcolm Gladwell, best-selling author and New Yorker contributor; Jerilyn Perine, Executive Director of the Citizens Housing and Planning Council; and Robert Hammond, Co-Founder and Executive Director of Friends of the High Line.The conversation is moderated by John Mollenkopf, Distinguished Professor of Political Science and Sociology at the Graduate Center, and Director of the Center for Urban Research.