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    Baiting A Hook With Cut Shad *Cut Bait* - Catfishing - ...

    Chad Ferguson

    by Chad Ferguson

    1 368 views - Baiting a hook with cut shad or cut bait for catfishing. This video walks you through some essential catfishing information on the correct way to hook cut shad or cut bait and something to watch for when baiting your hooks to prevent missing fish when catfishing with this type of bait, especially when fishing with circle hooks for catfish. Cut shad and cut bait are a very effective bait to use when fishing for blue catfish. This video walks you through the process using the Daiichi Circle Chunk Light Circle Hooks and while it demonstrates the use of shad in the video the process is the same regardless of what type of cut bait you are going to be using for your catfish fishing. To get more essential information and learn more catfishing tips and tricks visit