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    Joseph Stiglitz Blames Crisis on 'Trickle Up Economics'


    Joseph Stiglitz Blames Crisis on 'Trickle Up Economics'
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - The University of Queensland
    Visiting Nobel Laureate and global economist Professor Joseph Stiglitz believes Australia's good fortune in being sheltered from the worst of the GFC means we may not fully comprehend its impact internationally.On his tour of Australia, he comments on the state of the Australian economy, particularly in context of the Global Financial Crisis, the role of natural resources within this economy, and Australia's response to global warming.Professor Stiglitz travelled all over Australia for three weeks as the inaugural speaker for the Eminent Speaker Series, hosted by the Economic Society of Australia. The series has been initiated to provide an opportunity for industry professionals, government representatives and academics to hear from the world's leading economists in an open forum.