Genetically Modified Foods and the Future



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Genetically Modified Foods and the Future
Commonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club of California
A Short History of the American Stomach with Fred Kaufman.Kaufman takes us on a raucous, witty and fact-filled exploration of America's complex and often bizarre relationship with food. From secret raw-milk covens in New York City to "gastroporn" addicts, Kaufman presents an irreverent take on all aspects of the foodie world.A renowned chronicler of all things gastronomic, Kaufamn's infamous Harper's article, "Debbie Does Salad," which likened the Food Network's camera shots to pornography (he sat down and watched six hours of the network's programming with a porn industry veteran to get her thoughts), generated incredible buzz in the foodie world.In his most recent article for The New York Times Sunday Magazine, Kaufman turned his subversive gaze on the world of pet food - and hit the "most e-mailed" list.In his latest work, Kaufman uncovers Puritan anorexia and bulimia and sheds a completely new light on this issue, as does his subversive take on cookbooks and diet books, his explorations into genetically modified food, and the digestive underpinnings of American imperialism - The Commonwealth Club of California