Ian Morison on the Curvature of Space



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Ian Morison on the Curvature of Space
Gresham College - Gresham College
Professor Ian Morison delivers a lecture on Proving Einstein Right!A gentle introduction to Einstein's General Theory of Relativity discussing gravitational waves and the curvature of space and how, since 1915, experiments have been undertaken to test its accuracy.Recent observations by Jodrell Bank astronomers have shown that Einstein's theory must be at least 99.95% right! - Gresham College

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There's no such thing in physics as curvature of space (correct but useless mathematical constructs such as space-time do not always make physics, as in the case at hand). General theory is physically wrong because Lorentz transformations are non-physical (not to speak that the entire Einstein's "theory" of relativity -- GR cannot be true if SR isn't and SR isn't). Visit youtube channel timeisabsolute to learn why Einstein's "theory" of relativity isn't even a theory and isn't even wrong and why that travesty of science must be removed from science in its entirety without delay.
By dm_517d3eb60bf12 last year