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    WBC Praises AZ Shooter/Gabrielle Gifford Lives!

    Sam Proof

    by Sam Proof

    I'm sure you're all aware that recently some crazy idiot shot a bunch of people in AZ including a Federal Judge and a Congress woman. There's nothing to be taken lightly about that fact. The actions and words taken by the WBC are the equivalent of Adolf Hitler. Except he had the balls to not hide behind God. The westboro baptist church is in fact, worse than Hitler. far worse. I'm not even gonna bother capitalizing their name. westboro baptist church... I'd say "what a joke" but they are single handedly the worst thing in America currently. SOUND OFF - leave a comment below and let the world know how you feel about this shit. This is one time where I won't let you sit ideally by and not comment. DISCLAIMER : I apologize to anyone that finds this disrespectful to either Gabrielle Giffords, her husband or any of the victims of the shooting. I think their loss is atrocities, and anyone that finds joy behind them is monstrous. But I can't just make a video of angry ranting, there has to be humor somewhere so I made my choices. Just like the WBC did. My hope is that this video can make you both laugh, think and be outraged all at the same time. I think that's fair. -------more samproof---- Official Site/Blog : twitter store dailybooth facebook community ------------------ Watch & Chat with me LIVE every Saturday at 3pm PST