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    Australian boy gives his life to save brother


    by ODN

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    A teenage boy died after pleading with rescue workers to save his younger brother from Queensland's raging floodwaters.

    Donna Rice, and two of her sons Jordan and Blake were stranded in their car after floodwaters surged through a creek in Toowoomba. They were trapped on the intersection of Kitchener and James Street when flood waters rose.

    The mother and her 12-year-old and ten-year-old son climbed on to the roof. Rescuers tried to reach the family with ropes, and eventually suceeded in doing so, but by that stage the current was extremely strong.

    12-year-old Jordan told rescuers to save his younger brother Blake first.

    "The mum put the boy on his back and he brought him across the rope to me and by that time I grabbed the boy and the water just kept coming up," said rescuer Warren McErlean.

    By the time the rescuers returned to rescue Jordan it was too late. "The tour guide made it back to the car and he looked at me and just shook his head because he just knew that it was just too much water and there was just no time. It sort of... the tension took up on the rope and I had to let it go," McErlean said.

    Jordan and his mother were swept away by the raging flood waters and were later confirmed dead.

    Breaking down in tears, McErlean said he was sorry he couldn't do more.