Gilbert and George's 'urethra' art

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Artistic duo Gilbert and George have unveiled their latest exhibition at London's White Cube gallery.

The collection of prints created from postcards - their biggest yet - is their first "postcard" work in 20 years.

But they say this is not a return to using the cards as a medium, rather the culmination of 20 years worth of collecting them for this next exhibition, entitled "The Urethra Postcard Art of Gilbert and George".

Each print in the exhibition consists of thirteen postcards - twelve arranged in a rectangle with one in the middle - to represent "an angulated version of the urethra", the significance of which the artists feel should be given it's due.

"Everyone has a urethra, very few people knew that word and even fewer can spell it but we all know how ot spell leg, arm, head, stomach, foot, but not the urethra which is vital. It's also, it's not only for urine it's also for sperm so it's the beginning of life as well," George said.

Almost all of the postcards relate to London, mixing images of a sexual underworld with the immediately recognisable modern urban landscape.

Flyers advertising various prostitution services, or warning against sexually transmitted diseases are presented side by side with iconic tourist sites and patriotic images of the British capital. Living and working in London, the artists say the city informs most of their work.

The two have become almost as famous for their lifestyle as their art, never deviating from their daily schedule, which includes eating breakfast and lunch at the same cafe and dining at the same restaurant for dinner - always together, always in their matching suits.

"The Urethra Art of Gilbert and George" exhibition features 155 of the 564 pieces of the full collection and is on display at the White Cube in London's Mayfair district until February 19.