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    Crop Damage Affects Farmers in Eastern India


    by NTDTelevision

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    Cold weather has destroyed crops in India's Jharkhand state. Farmers who depend on agriculture for their livelihood are in a tough situation to pay back their debts and are seeking other ways to make a living. Here's more.

    An intense cold wave that is sweeping across several parts of India has destroyed standing crops, and vegetables, affecting farmers in Jharkhand state.

    Farmers growing vegetables are worried as to how to repay their debts and loans.

    Several farmers have left their homes in search of greener pastures to make a living.

    [Kavidas, Farmer]:
    "Today farming in Jharkhand is very difficult. In such a situation many farmers have migrated and others are planning to venture elsewhere."

    One farmer who grows eggplants is also worried about the debts that are building up.

    [Ramvilas, Eggplant Farmer]:
    "The intense cold wave has destroyed all the crops. I took some loans for farming, but now I don't know how will I pay it back. I am now planning to go somewhere else and do some other work as I don't believe in farming is possible any more here."

    In India, 600 million of the billion-plus population relies on agriculture for their livelihood.