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    Dogs Compete Bun Eating Race in Coimbartore, India


    by NTDTelevision

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    A unique dog competition was organized in southern India on Monday. Dogs of various breeds showed off their skills in eating the most buns.

    India's industrial city of Coimbatore hosted a unique occasion called the Dogs Bun Eating Competition on Monday.

    Dogs displayed their artistry in eating buns, buns and more buns.

    One dog ate most of the buns in this competition and bagged the first prize.

    The dog Brownie emerged victorious.

    [Sushila, Owner of First Prize Winner]:
    "My pet's name is Brownie and he's very naughty, but affectionate. Now that he has won the first prize in the bun eating competition, I'll not take his naughtiness seriously."

    Another pet owner is overwhelmed that his dog managed to grab the third prize.

    [Ranganathan, Pet Owner]:
    "I have taken part in the competition for the first time and there are various breeds of dogs taking part in it. I am feeling extremely happy that my Labrador won the third prize by eating buns."

    Dogs of various breeds like Labradors, Dalmatians, pugs and Pomeranian took part in the competition.