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    Heldmann Explains the Health Hazards of Moon Dust



    Heldmann Explains the Health Hazards of Moon Dust
    Ask a Scientist - Ask a Scientist
    Let's talk about the moon.In my opinion it's the best celestial body to observe — it's big enough to see in captivating detail without a telescope and it doesn't thank you for your wonderment by burning out your eyeballs. And while it may lack the kaleidoscopic coloring, dynamic vitality, and exotic mystery of some of the other local orbs, our moon is the old friend we wouldn't want to lose.Tonight we'll learn all about our trusty sidekick — the theories on its formation, predictions about its future, its internal structure, its geological past and present, and the many ways in which it affects the earth.We'll discover how the moon impacts our climate, how it got locked in a synchronous rotation with the earth, how tides work, and why some scientists suggest that without the moon life on earth may never have developed - Ask a Scientist