What's Wrong with the Big Bang Theory?

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What's Wrong with the Big Bang Theory?
Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Sydney Writer's Festival
The two towering achievements of modern physics are quantum theory and Einstein’s general theory of relativity. Together, they explain virtually everything about the world in which we live. But almost a century after their advent, most people haven’t the slightest clue what either is about. Radio astronomer, award-winning writer and broadcaster Marcus Chown talks to fellow stargazer Fred Watson about his book Quantum Theory Cannot Hurt You.

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The Big Bang Theory is wrong because:

Physicists have misinterpreted the cosmic redshift. The redshifts of distant galaxies, quasars, etc are not due to the expansion of the Universe.

Electromagnetic radiation, including visible light, emits gravity.

Electromagnetic radiation is a wave phenomenon. Electromagnetic radiation is a combination of electric and magnetic waves. They oscillate. The waves can be viewed as accelerating/decelerating electric and magnetic waves.

Since the electric and magnetic fields are accelerating and decelerating, they emit gravity and the electric and magnetic fields are subject to the force of gravity as it is being emitted.

This is called a gravitation red shift as previously stated in General Relativity.

Please note that accelerating mass emits gravity.

In a similar manner, electromagnetic waves ‘feel’ the force of gravity as the gravity is being emitted. The electromagnetic radiation loses energy due to the gravitational redshift.
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