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    A.J. Jacobs on the Dangers of 'Radical Honesty'



    A.J. Jacobs on the Dangers of 'Radical Honesty'
    Commonwealth Club - The Commonwealth Club of California
    An acclaimed journalist and a best-selling author, A.J. Jacobs takes journalistic commitment to a whole new level. His experimental and "experiential" undertakings have led him from conquering all 32 volumes of the Encyclopedia Britannica to outsourcing his entire life to India (yes, even his children's bedtime stories).In the 2007 best-seller, The Year of Living Biblically, stoning adulterers and growing facial hair were just part of the fun when he decided to follow the literal rules of the Bible in a modern America. Join us as Jacobs dishes on his unorthodox lifestyle as detailed in this year's The Guinea Pig Diaries.