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    The Car Store Louisville


    by TheCarStoreKY

    I AM VERY SATISFIED!!! I am very satisfied with the way my vehicle price and payment schedule was discussed in a straightforward manner at The Car Store. Loan documents were covered completely and questions were answered if needed. The Car Store treated me in a professional manner. Pamela B

    THEY LISTENED!! I am very satisfied with the way I was greeted at The Car Store. The sales staff was very sincere and honest with me. They were very considerate of my time and they listened, understood and answered my questions. I am very satisfied with the way The Car Store fulfilled all the commitments made to me. Robyn J.

    SINCERITY OF SALES STAFF I am very satisfied with my salesperson and with the sincerity of The Car Store's sales staff. I would buy another car from The Car Store and recommend The Car Store to family and friends. Pricilla B.

    1-866-OK-LOANS = 1-866-655-6267.