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    Ganesh [8b+] First ascent by Gérôme Pouvreau

    Petzl Crew

    par Petzl Crew

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    The movie relates the first ascent by Gêrome Pouvreau of "Ganesh" 8B+ in Badami, India. A movie by Vladimir Cellier & Julien Nadiras. More movies on Baraka Flims (

    Gérôme' testimonial :
    "Badami is a nice small town that gave us the tempo of Indian lifestyle. We now (finally) really feel in India. This morning was the day... I send "Ganesh" with tourista, an infected foot and a tick bite in my back... Ganesh is a route project bolted by Alex Chabot two years ago. It's one of the nicest routes iI ever climbed, a world class jewel...."