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    Meetup Co-Founder Demonstrates the Power of Community


    by FORA TV

    Meetup Co-Founder Demonstrates the Power of Community
    BizTechDay - The Times Center
    "If you're trying to build a tribe, a community or a movement, and you want it to be safe and beyond reproach at the same time, you will fail." ~ Seth GodinThe key to building a passionate community is to stay true to your purpose and mission. Identify the passionate few. Make them very happy.Continue to listen to and serve them. Building your community is a whole new and different way of looking at the world and *might* be a great way to build your business and engage with your customers.Learn from Scott Heiferman. Understand what makes a community great, how to get a community started, how to engage and build a long-term relationship with your community and how to deal with criticism from your community.