Ann Wright: The Dissent of Bunnatine Greenhouse



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Ann Wright: The Dissent of Bunnatine Greenhouse
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Ann Wright and Daniel Ellsberg discuss Dissent: Voices of Conscience.During the run-up to war in Iraq, Army Colonel (Ret.) and diplomat Ann Wright resigned her State Department post. She was one among dozens of government insiders and active-duty military personnel who leaked documents, spoke out, resigned, or refused to deploy in protest of government actions they felt were illegal. In Dissent, Wright and co-author Susan Dixon tell stories of these men and women who risked careers, reputations, and even freedom out of loyalty to the Constitution and the rule of law. In his foreword, Dan Ellsberg writes, "This...illuminating book should be leaked into the government (where it could) awaken officials to withdraw their complicity and tell the truth to (the public). This country will not escape further human, legal, and moral catastrophes, or preserve itself as a democratic, constitutional republic, if that does not happen" - Cody's Books