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    Thaung Htun on the SPDC’s Rule in Burma



    Thaung Htun on the SPDC’s Rule in Burma
    The Asia Society - Asia Society
    The Crisis in Burma: In Search of a Unified Response with panelists Sean Turnell, Scot Marciel, and Thaung Htum.Join us as the Asia Society and Open Society Institute convene a panel discussion to revisit the situation in Burma in light of the military government's recently announced "roadmap to democracy," including its intention to conduct a national referendum to approve a new constitution in May, followed by a multiparty general election in 2010.How credible is this development given that the new constitution would effectively bar independent political leaders from participating in the process?The panel will also assess recent efforts at the international and regional levels to advance national reconciliation in Burma. What role can and should international actors such as the United Nations and the United States play together with ASEAN and Burma's influential neighbors? - Asia Society