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    Steven Kull on Iranian Perception of U.S. Global Power




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    America needs Al-Qaeda as it needs the CIA to control whats going on with America's own concerns, they have Al-Qaeda as the strong arm mafia that they themselves cant use, or to be shown to be using with things when their is concern about American involvement where there is the strong arm tactics of American government military complex, basically the CIA is Al-Qaeda or the Taliban who ever they pay is employed by them.

    The scenario is plainly seen, the Al-Qaeda or Taliban or what ever named faction causes war or attacks in a country, the Americans and (corporation/bankers) allies form a coalition to stop the situation, but the reality is the involvement is the ploy to force involvement with the country or politics or banking or trade of that area of the world to suck capital out from that country this is the "new Nazi regime" and the bankers are the main players to force trade out of these countries in the form of debt that was applied to sell arms that made the main form of debt by killing infrastructure that was in those countries and applying their own infrastructure that sucks the wealth from those countries.

    What's noticed is that whenever a countries main form of capital like oil is made to gain any financial independence for themselves (non affiliated or OPEC) war or terrorism breaks out and in step the American political forces.

    Any Arab nation that is not under OPEC treaty has oil as their main source of revenue.
    Afghanistan has as it's now new form of trade, rare earth and rubies and sapphires.

    Most people in the other countries are not surprised by this and we know that another form of control is to use sanctions to try to stop trade, to force debt to occur.

    Trying to make Islam look bad isn't all that hard as can be done with Judaism and any form of Christianity by calling them a terrorist organization by calling up crimes of the past, because that's what is being done with the Muslim religion, vilifying it to make it seem less than healthy than to be of that religion.

    No terrorists need to attack America, because the Americans do it them selves by bringing sanctions to bear on those other countries, and those sanctions should be taken and made in reverse to not trade with America, this is how the world should operate, if any sanctions are brought to bare on a country then trade should be cut off from everyone for that country that brings into effect the sanction as it's their politics that does it and not other countries politics.

    All other countries need to further themselves from the U.S's own debt that is tied to their trade in their own currency that is owned by the corporation known as the Reserve Banking Corporation, that is itself "a corporate entity" and is not a currency that is owned by the American country.
    By 2wheelerbike2 years ago