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    Chuck Hagel Denounces Media Election Coverage



    Chuck Hagel Denounces Media Election Coverage
    New America Foundation - New America Foundation
    American Strategy Director Steve Clemons hosted United States Senator Chuck Hagel, who discussed his new book, America: Our Next Chapter: Tough Questions, Straight Answers.The Vietnam veteran began his analysis of America's strategic position by stating a fact: 40% of the world's population is less than 20 years old -- and most members of that group are from poor countries.The United States must help to create the conditions for an international order that offers these young men and women the opportunity for economic advancement. America must also improve its image in the minds of these young people by reducing its military footprint and leveraging its economic and ideological strengths.Serious, bipartisan leadership is required to address the myriad challenges that today's complex world presents. The Nebraska native compared America’s political leaders to prairie dogs, who dart around without reflection and are quick to hide rather than invite controversy.The Senator offered three pieces of advice to the next president. First, establish quickly a bipartisan cabinet of the country’s most talented men and women in the mode of Abraham Lincoln.Second, reach out to the Congress, which has abdicated its responsibilities for the past eight years and whose support will be necessary to pursue a consistent foreign policy.Third, travel both across the country and throughout the world to consolidate support at home and strengthen alliances abroad - New America Foundation