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    Absolute Life Chiropractic Zero Complaints

    MY RANGE OF MOTION HAS INCREASED! I started to see Dr. Tim because of a car accident, after which I was having shoulder and right neck pain for about a week. Pain in my right shoulder and neck is pretty much gone and also my range of motion in neck has increased. I also just feel good-general good feeling of well being. My husband also sees Absolute Life Chiropractic and says he sleeps better, snores less and able to move better, not so stiff. Thank you Dr. Troy

    MY NECK PAIN IS GONE!!!! I came to see Dr. Troy because I was suffering leg pain for the last 3 weeks and neck pain for many years. Absolute Life Chiropractic has helped me so much, my neck pain is gone and I'm still having issues with my legs but they do feel good at times.