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    Perpetual Calendar


    by EcoBold

    Buy at 40% off here: This perpetual calendar by A Window of Time will not only save trees from being cut down, it will also save you money every year since you'll never have to buy another calendar again! It's super green because reusable and you're not cutting trees for this calendar. Keep track of your goals and to do list, this will also help your family remember what they have to every day, so no more excuses for not doing their duties. When that month is over you'll start again and the cool thing compared to regular calendars is that you can easily erase a mistake. Simply use a wet erase marker and create a new month from scratch. And they're also very different and cool. You can put them on a window, refrigerator or even a mirror and reuse them over and over again. You can easily add or remove tasks from your agenda and make your life and your family's life much simpler. Organize your 2011, 2012, 2013 and so on with only this calendar. Enjoy our discount price that includes a coupon code. It's a window calendar that you can put on many areas, you can also take it off and place in different places. It doesn't require special glue and not even water to stick to the surface, it just stays. A Window of Time company can also do a custom business calendar to give your customers. The really neat thing is that you can buy it anytime of the year because it's an erasable wall calendar that you can write the months on. Highlights: - Save trees - Save money - Don't ever buy a calendar again