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    More Hyundai of Greeley Reviews


    by hyundaiofgreeley34

    THEY DIAGNOSED THE PROBLEM!! Five Star ***** By Nana. As my Toyota broke down one intersection before I could get it to Toyota dealers, I ended up at Hyundai of Greeley's shop. They diagnosed the problem, not major, but they where so nice and their cars so low priced, I bought one (Sonata) that I've driven everywhere with no issues of any kind! Great cars.

    I RECOMMEND EVERY CHANCE I GET!!!! Thank you Hyundai of Greeley for making the purchase of my Camry so pleasant. The bad news is a guy backed into it when it was parked ( I was at lunch) and did $1000 of bumper damage. At least he left a note and it won't take too long to fix. As I told Greg, it's only a car and in the big scheme of things not a big deal all things considered. Thanks again! I recommend you every chance I get! Sincerely, Sally K.