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    Media Family Enjoys Shen Yun in Montreal


    by NTDTelevision

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    The world's premier Chinese classical dance company Shen Yun Performing Arts has impressed some families in Montreal, Canada so much, that they want to make the show an annual tradition.

    [Penelope Lewey, Audience Member]:
    "I thought it was just amazing, the work that must go behind it is just amazing."

    Her daughter liked the digital backdrops behind the dance.

    [Penelope's Daughter]:
    "The screen and the background, and there was the people and they came on to the stage."

    In the Dô family almost everyone works in the media. It was their first time to see Shen Yun. Everyone was delighted.

    [Patrick Dô, Television Filming Production Manager]:
    "I liked a lot the precision of the choreography, the lighting, the finesse in the movement. The music, which is really very beautiful and the ease with which one can comprehend each scene, which is very simple to understand. There was emotion, humor, I liked it a lot, appreciated it a lot."

    [Loic Hamon, Newspaper Reporter]:
    "I especially loved the music. I am very sensitive to the music, especially the lute [Chinese pipa] and the Chinese violins [erhu]."

    The Dô sisters both grew up learning ballet.

    [Sylvie Dô, Audience Member]:
    "I liked the lightness of the dancers and the grace a lot. It's really dazzling."

    [Florence Dô, Audience Member]:
    "Your [Chinese classical] dance is simply magnificent. The dance as a whole, everyone was together, the accuracy, the precision of the movements. It's fabulous."

    NTD News, Montreal, Canada