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    Dead Space 2 - Welcome to the Sprawl


    by GameZombie

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    The original Dead Space was an ambitious homage to the horror genre, mixing an intelligent story with some truly terrifying moments. After allowing two years for the trauma to be repressed, EA is gearing up for the release of their direct sequel to the franchise. Matt Bendett, Project Manager for Dead Space 2, describes the steps the studio has taken to ensure the sequel is received well. Following the feedback from their fans, EA revamped the way zero gravity environments play to include full 3D movement. New suits for Isaac are equipped with thrusters to allow for more mobility during tense fights in space. No more rocketing from wall to wall in static lines! Isaac is also exploring a massive city this time around, allowing for plenty of variation within the game's environment. Dead Space's signature feeling of a claustrophobic setting with no escape will remain throughout the upcoming sequel, however. The idea of expensive fiction will, too; Bendett hopes to expand on the story through additional story that helps depict more than just Isaac's own experiences. The Necromorphs return to your nightmares on January 25th, 2010. That leaves two weeks for anyone to play through the first and catch up on one of 2008's most critically acclaimed original franchises! Host: David Klein Edited by: Kyle Trueblood Music Composition: Kristi Nuemann Executive Producer: Spencer Striker Creative Director: Andrew Benninghoff Producer: Tyler Thompson, Thomas Schulenberg Camera Operators: Justin Luntz, Max Madsen Graphics: Andrew Benninghoff, Andrew Von Haden