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    by blackwavetv

    First One Digital Publishing Opens for Business
    BEVERLY HILLS, CA (January 11, 2011) – First One Digital Publishing opened for business this morning by launching their robust e-Commerce website, the First One Contest Series, an impressive catalogue of upcoming titles as well as their first release, Good Cop, Bad Money by Glen Morisano.

    Good Cop, Bad Money which chronicles the life and career of Glen Morisano, Deputy Inspector of the NYPD known best for making life miserable for New York City’s biggest drug lords and criminals including the infamous Jacob the Jeweler. For Good Cop, Bad Money, First One have inked a deal with Market America and have published a run of terrestrial books to sell through the massive distributor that has committed to drive sales and put the books directly in front of its audience. “QUOTE ABOUT MA PARTNERSHIP.”
    For a complete list of upcoming releases please refer to the website,