City boys end up as Saudi camel slaves

MiD Day Multimedia Ltd

by MiD Day Multimedia Ltd


Gulf dream often turn into nightmares and this is exactly what has happened to two boys from the Muslim pocket of Mohammed Ali Road, who went to the Gulf last year for a job. In mid-2010 two boys left for the Gulf, one to work as a driver and the other to work as a servant. Families got worried after no communication from the duo for several months. Just four months ago, they got a call saying that the sponsor had taken the boys from Qatar to Saudi Arabia. They are now working as camel slaves - looking after camels in the desert region with no remuneration. The family is desperately looking for help to get them back. Anis Palekar (28) and his younger brother Habib (25) just spoke to their uncle Iqbal Murudkar on Monday (January 10), who runs a business in Dubai and narrated that they were assaulted by their kafil (employer) Ali Saleh Al Marri, as he was upset with the attempt made by their family in India to release them.

Story By - Vinod Kumar Menon,MiD-DAY
Video By - Milind B Salvi,MiD-DAY