Songs of the Summoned - Gangplank's A Pirate


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download file here : Parody of He's A Pirate by Klaus Badelt from the Pirates of the Caribbean soundtrack. Music performed and vocals composed by me. Yes. Me singing. I thought you'd like that. UbiquitousCelery/NA Lyrics He is Gangplank, he's a pirate Got a cutlass and a pistol And a hat and glowing red eyes and a big black impressive beard He's the saltwater scourge Killed his father for the Deadpool He's afflicted with scurvy, so he's going to eat fruit He's a hardcore mighty pirate, calling MIA won't save you When you're standing in the base you're still overextended Start a teamfight when he's dead and you might survive But most likely you'll push with too low hp Then he'll respawn and - Crap, there's his ult Crap, there's his ult Killed from the base Kennen tried running - one hit with parrrley Shen tried to ult in - but he got double kill Akali tried ganking but he is OP So he one hit then he ate fruit to regain his HP The champion of bilgewater joined in the league He is building his awesome Before he returns to Piracy; he's a pirate Avast me hearties, You'll be hanging from the yardarm Shiver me timbers You're nothing but a bilgerate Yo, ho, and a bottle of Rum