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    Arun Gandhi on Building Positive Relationships



    Arun Gandhi on Building Positive Relationships
    Other - International Baccalaureate North America
    Arun Manilal Gandhi is the fifth grandson of Mohandas Gandhi, and has spent much of his life promoting the principles of non-violence and social activism that made his grandfather one of the seminal figures of the 20th century.As an Indian growing up in South Africa, he had firsthand experience of the humiliations heaped on people because of the color of their skin.In 1948, Arun was actually living in India with his grandfather at the time of his assassination. He was surrounded by the tumult of India's struggle for independence, both violent and non-violent.His path to understanding the true nature of non-violence has not been easy, and he will share aspects of his personal struggle to adhere to the strict demands of these rules of conduct.Arun, who is still an active in promoting the causes of displaced persons, will reflect on whether his grandfather's teachings are still relevant today - International Baccalaureate North America