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    Robert Singh Supports Democratizing the Middle East



    Robert Singh Supports Democratizing the Middle East
    World Affairs Council: Washington DC - World Affairs Council, D.C.
    Towards the end of his second term, it appears George W. bush's foreign policy has won few admirers, with pundits and politicians eagerly criticizing the tenets of the Bush Doctrine.This provocative account counters these criticisms, boldly arguing that Bush's policy deservedly belongs within the mainstream of the American foreign policy tradition.Though the shifting tide of public opinion has led many to anticipate that his successor will repudiate the actions of the past eight years, authors Timothy Lynch and Robert S. Singh suggest that there will - and should - be continuity in US foreign policy from his Presidency to those who follow.Providing a positive audit of the war on terror (which they contend should be understood as a Second Cold War) they charge that the Bush Doctrine has been consistent with past foreign policies - from Republican and Democratic presidencies - and that the key elements of Bush's grand strategy will rightly continue to shape America's approach in the future - World Affairs Council of Washington, D.C.