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    Could an Obama Victory Set Back Racial Equality?



    Could an Obama Victory Set Back Racial Equality?
    The Hoover Institution - Hoover Institution
    Ward Connerly is a former regent of the University of California and the founder and chairman of the American Civil Rights Institute. He is the author most recently of Lessons from my Uncle James: Beyond Skin Color to the Content of Our Character.In 1995 Connerly campaigned for Proposition 209, which would make it illegal for the state of California to discriminate on the basis of race, intending to end the state’s affirmative action programs. The proposition passed.Since then, Connerly, having won passage of such measures in Washington State and Michigan, has continued the fight. In discussing the battle to end racial preferences, Connerly notes that "the establishment is always at odds with the people on issues involving race."Martin Luther King, says Connerly, would likely have supported affirmative action back in the 1960s, but were he alive today, he'd say, "We're beyond that now."Would a President Obama agree? Connerly weighs in - Hoover Institution