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    Hillary Mann Leverett: A 'Grand Bargain' with Iran



    Hillary Mann Leverett: A 'Grand Bargain' with Iran
    The Century Foundation - The Century Foundation
    Reluctant in its waning months to launch a full-frontal assault on Iran but convinced of its leaders’ incorrigibility, the Bush administration has advanced, and its allies in Congress have proposed, a variety of escalating pressures against the Islamic republic. Among them, argues Col. Sam Gardiner in a new paper for The Century Foundation, are covert operations through proxy groups inside Iran. How well matched are U.S. goals to the various means planned or in place? And how do these new pressures expand or limit the choices of new leaders taking office in Washington—-and perhaps Tehran—-in winter and spring 2009. Join this panel discussion on escalating pressures on Iran and what that means for the new administration. The discussion is on the record. The Century Foundation released a new report by Sam Gardiner, "Dangerous and Getting More Dangerous: The Delicate Situation between the United States and Iran," at this event - The Century Foundation