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    Brian Doherty on the Legal History of Gun Rights



    Brian Doherty on the Legal History of Gun Rights
    Cato Institute - Cato Institute
    Last June, the Supreme Court had its first opportunity in seven decades to address one of America's most impassioned constitutional debates: Does the right to possess firearms, as stated in the Second Amendment, apply to individuals?Yes, the Court ruled, it does.And, with that decision, the District of Columbia's handgun ban--one of the most controversial in the nation--was ended.In Gun Control on Trial, journalist Brian Doherty tells the full story behind the landmark District of Columbia v. Heller ruling. With exclusive, behind-the-scenes access throughout the case, Doherty's new book takes readers on a remarkable journey--through the legal, scientific, and historical debates; the political battles; and the myths about gun control that have become widespread.How is the District's new registration process working?How will the Heller precedent impact the firearm regulations in other American cities? - Cato Institute