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    "Do You Like Cupcakes?" by Tear Down the Tower and NBTV ...


    by nobudgettelevision

    We ask the simple question, DO YOU LIKE CUPCAKES? If you do, like this video and share it with everyone! Free RINGTONE download! FREE MP3 DOWNLOAD TOO! Newly remastered! HUGE thanks to everyone taking part in this project! Show them all some love! Randommyhead St1rfryTV Ace77man and Stuntman Luke! Quisitali Beardy Boy Laughing Leaf MGPhenom IDump4U! The song is by a REAL BAND called Tear Down the Tower that C.J. is in! (the main guy singing with the guitar) Check out their channel at THANKS to METALSUCKS.NET for posting this video on their site on April 2nd! Check it out at the link! And don't forget to SUBSCRIBE! Facebook! Twitter! Thanks for watching and subscribing!