Nessie In The Zoo

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The following video is from Peter Maddock's "The Family-Ness", famously seen on BBC long ago alongside Peter's other creations "Jimbo and the Jet-Set" and "Penny Crayon". Since not all of the Family-Ness episodes have made it on DVD so far, I thought I'd keep the memory alive by showcasing this video.

The clips used were from the last-ever Family-Ness episode, "You'll Never Find a Nessie in the Zoo". It doesn't have much of a plot but it was enough for the show's composers, Roger and Gavin Greenaway, to release this song of the same name on a rare-to-find Record, along with an extended version of the show's theme tune.

I came across this episode and, with the song at hand, I decided to update the footage as best I could in iMovie and present it in a music video format. So...enjoy!

And to add, I own nothing, nor am I making money out of this. Just showing for nostalgia's sake.