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    How to Fix and Repair the PS3 with YLOD


    by topgamer1400

    Permanently get rid of the Yellow Light of Death - the dreaded YLOD today and start playing your favourite games again.
    Would you like to Get your PS3 working again?
    If you are suffering from any of the following we can help you get rid of them today
    Permanently fix the flashing Yellow Light of Death (YLOD)
    Solid/flashing Red Light
    Flashing Green Light issue
    The 3 beeps
    The Red Screen
    The Black Screen of Death
    Get rid of those error codes
    Fix disk reading errors
    Fix a Freezing Screen (during gameplay or during the menu)
    Fix the Blu-ray Drive (after freezing and blu-ray not accepting)
    Fix your machine today, no need to send away or take to a repair shop to a complete stranger, Keep your PS3 at home.
    Retain all your hard drive data. If you send your machine away for repair your hard drive will probably be wiped clean
    Safe and reliable fix methods that are permanent