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    "Extraordinary" - Interior Designer on Shen Yun in Montreal


    by NTDTelevision

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    Shen Yun Performing Arts three companies are simultaneously touring Canada and the U.S., bringing audiences the beauty and compassion of traditional Chinese culture through classical Chinese dance. Our correspondent brings us this report from the shows in Montreal at the weekend.

    Shen Yun Performing Arts has just finished up a four-show run in Montreal, Canada.

    Interior designer Jaime Bouzaglo enjoyed the spiritual message portrayed through art.

    [Jaime Bouzaglo, Interior Designer]:
    “It is extraordinary. It touches deep inside the soul and the human being through its divine message, the acts of love, the victory of the good over the evil, and all this through such beautiful movement.”

    Jaime could still hear Shen Yun’s unique music, combining both classical western and classical Chinese instruments.

    [Jaime Bouzaglo, Interior Designer]:
    “The music was extraordinary. It was really a pleasure for the senses. It was the senses. When one closes the eyes, one still continues to listen to this music that like rocking a baby transports us.

    He recommends Shen Yun to everyone, as seeing it is a gift.

    [Jaime Bouzaglo, Interior Designer]:
    The colors were fabulous. It was straight-out a gift for the soul besides being a gift for the eyes. And all the messages that were spiritual with the information about china, were incredibly rich. One can only get out full of hope, full of love and full of admiration for this country that is extraordinary…”

    NTD News, Montreal, Canada