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    Mother: I'll play Joanna in reconstruction


    by ODN


    A reconstruction of the last known movements of Joanna Yeates could feature her mother as her daughter.

    Theresa Yeates may take on the role because she is of similar height and build.

    Avon and Somerset police are planning to put together the film for the BBC programme Crimewatch later this month.

    Mrs Yeates' request came as details of the supposedly final text message her daughter sent on the night she disappeared in Bristol emerged.

    Friend Matthew Wood said he received a text from her at 8.20pm on December 17, saying: "Where are you? Do you fancy a drink?"

    He said he replied back at 9.20pm that night, but never received a reply.

    Detectives said Miss Yeates had made it home because her shoes, coat, mobile phone, purse and keys were found there - although the pizza, the wrapping and its box are still missing.

    When her boyfriend Greg Reardon - who had been away for the weekend visiting family in Sheffield - returned to Bristol two days later, he raised the alarm.

    Police launched a massive hunt for Miss Yeates and her snow-covered body was found by a couple walking their dogs on Christmas morning in a country lane in Failand, North Somerset - just three miles from her home. She had been strangled.

    At the weekend, the Yeates family paid a series of tributes as they made a fresh plea for help.

    Speaking publicly for the first time, Miss Yeates' brother Chris, 28, said his sister's death had left him in a "surreal hole of despair".

    Their parents also spoke of the daily trauma they have been forced to endure since their daughter was snatched and dumped in a country lane "like a piece of garbage".

    After reconstructing her walk home on December 17 and speaking to scores of people along the route, police said they had several new leads to follow up.

    Officers have said there is no evidence Miss Yeates had been sexually assaulted but they have not ruled out a sexual motive.

    They are investigating whether she could have been strangled with her own ski sock, which her killer might then have kept as a trophy.