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    Xinran: Mothers Are Key to China's Growth



    Xinran: Mothers Are Key to China's Growth
    Berkeley Arts and Letters - First Congregational Church of Berkeley
    While the West has commonly viewed the last one hundred years in China through the single narrative lens of Mao's rise and rule, the experience for the Chinese themselves has been infinitely more complex. Xinran, a national celebrity and beloved figure in China who hosted a hugely popular radio show in the 1990s, traveled across China in 2005 and 2006 to gather interviews that form the true narrative of the times.She sought out the nation's grandparents and great-grandparents, the men and women who have experienced change in the modern era firsthand, in cities and remote villages, interviewing them for the first, and perhaps the last, time.Though many of them continue to harbor a fear of repercussions for speaking freely, they did speak with Xinran with stunning candor about their hopes, fears, and struggles, from the Long March to land reform, from Mao to marriage, from revolution to Westernization.China Witness gives us the essence of modern China – a portrait intimate, nuanced, and revelatory. Xinran was born in Beijing in 1958 and moved to London, where she still lives, in 1007. She is the author of The Good Woman of China and Sky Burial.