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    Senior Hamas Member Bases Operations on American Soil


    Senior Hamas Member Bases Operations on American Soil
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - Gleebooks
    With the war in the Middle East this January, the change of power in The White House and the elections in Israel, Gaza is a hot topic right now. Everyone is struggling to understand the situation and chart a new course for the future.Australia journalist Paul McGeough has covered the Middle East over many years, winning multiple awards for his work. He was at Gleebooks in Sydney to launch his most recent book, Kill Khalid: Mossad's failed hit and the rise of Hamas. McGeough examines the current situation in Gaza, the rise and role of Hamas, the tensions between Hamas and Fatah and the relationship between America, Hamas and Israel.Along the way, he uncovers some stories and plots that are so unlikely that they would be implausible in a Hollywood screenplay. But, they make for great reading.