MW2 Everything Unlocked

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Download Link File: ***READ FIRST*** Hey everyone. This is just a video i made on what it looks like to unlock everything in Modern Warfare 2. This isn't for online use. It is used i splitscreens mode. I know one emblem isn't unlocked. It's the rotating 10th prestige emblem. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- One day I was simply minding my own business and all of a sudden I thought, "Hey wouldn't it be cool to have everything in MW2?" So I went over to my PS3, loaded up Cod and started hacking it. ----------------------------------------­----------------------------------- FAQ: Q1: Can you tell me how to do this? A1: Yes, scroll to question 11 Q2: Is this hack fixed? A2: No, but might be one day. Q3: Can you do this for me? A3: No, I would need to be at your house, beside your PS3 with a USB stick. Q4: But what if I give you my details? A4: I can't do it for you from my PS3, also NEVER give anyone your details. Q5: Is this on PS3 or Xbox360? A5: This was filmed on PS3, but i have MW2 for Xbox360. Q6: What do you use to record? A6: I use an EasyCap. Q7: What Operating system do you use? A7: Windows XP Q8: What video editing software do you use? A8: Windows Movie Maker (lol) but I do have Sony Vegas Pro 9. Q9: Why did you have to hack it like a big no-life? A9: Why did you look up "MW2 Everything Unlocked"? Q10: Why did you make this video? To look better then everyone else? A10: No, I made it just to show people what it's like to have it all unlocked. Q11: Will you show me how to do this? A11: YEAH BABY Tutorial : 1: Copy your split screen data to a usb 2: plug your usb in your pc and open ps3 folder till you get MP DATA 3: open MP DATA with the HxD Hex editor 4: select everyting ecsept for the first line. 5: pres right mouse button and -fill selection- 6: make everything 46 and than save it. 7: plug your USB in to your ps3 and go to save data utility 8: copy the data from your usb to your PS3 9: go ...