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    My Disney VHS Update - 1/9/2011 - Part 2/2 + Random Skype

    Luke Jeffers

    by Luke Jeffers

    Now for the final part of my Disney VHS update, which are the last 3 vhs tapes i got, 1st i got was Hercules the 2000 Gold Classic Collection VHS, Then I got the 1992 VHS of 101 Dalmatians, and then finally i got A Goofy Movie, Unfortunately, i got the tape with the sticker label instead of the ink label! And the print date was 7/18/1995 (which is the year i was born, but i was actually born 20 days afterwards that tape came out!) And I need to find Mark (leafsfan18)'s birthday! And that was random! His birthday was actually July 15th, not the 18th! And on the video i said 3 days after Mark's Birthday! Although, Mark, i made something random to find your birthday though! Sorry about that! For my next video it's gonna be 2 different Versions of Pocahontas! For now, Enjoy this video!