Song Chang-ui in SBS drama award2010+English translation

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by JTanis

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held on Dec 31st, 2010


Eng translation by a13xl, thank you so much!!
S: Hello, This is Song Chang Eui.
Y: Hello, This is Yoo Min.
S: First I want to congratulate Hong Ji Min. I listened with my heart, and also you are my musical sunbae. How have you been? It's been so long.
Y: I've been filming in Japan right after I finished filming Life is Beautiful.
S: I think I kicked you out way too soon in the drama... so... {1:00} Truthfully I wanted some more scenes with her, but obviously it wouldn't have worked.
Y: Yes this time I'm going to keep my lover. So, where is Kyungsoo shi?
S: Ah, Kyungsoo is with me in my heart (girl screams). So now we'll introduce the nominees for 2010 Supporting Male Actor.
Y: 2010 Supporting Actor Award, Drama special - Lee Jae Yong shii (Description about him in Daemul).
By JTanis 4 years ago
Y: Since I've been in Japan, I kept thinking about the Life is Beautiful Jeju Island scenes.
S: Yes, I feel like Jeju is home to me because I've been going back and forth for a year. (laugh)
Y: So, I'll introduce the 2010 Supporting Female Actor award.
S: Drama special, Supporting Actor Award goes to... Lee Soo Kyung from Daemul
By JTanis 4 years ago
Skip to 3:30
Song Chang Eui - nominee for Male Best Actor in Drama series.
MC: Song Chang Eui sshi from Life is Beautiful. Such a great scene.

MC (Guy): Then We'll see who won. Ahh..
MC (Girl): Ahh.. Song Chang Eui sshi from Life is Beautiful
Guy: Congratulations
Girl: Congratulations. Song Chang Eui sshi has shown a very detailed emotional parts to his character in Life is Beautiful. He has received lots of love from audience for his acting.
By JTanis 4 years ago
Song Chang Eui: Thank you very much. Uh... While I was filming Life is Beautiful, I think I really felt close to everyone, almost like a family and I enjoyed each minute. Because I was acting a difficult role, I wanna thank Kim Suhyun teacher for helping and supporting me throughout. (I see Nam Gyuri here) And also, I want to sincerely thank Jung Eul Ryung director for keeping us on track. I'm very happy, and I'm can't think right now, but there is lots of people I want to thank.
By JTanis 4 years ago
{6:00} While filming, Kim Hae sook (played Minjae) always took care of us with kind words, and I want to thank her for that. Also, thank you to my parents who prayed for me at home. My heart feels overwhelmed, now that I'm up here. Thank you. I have to make this short, but I can't remember anyone to thank right now. Thank you for always supporting me, my family. They'll be happy. I won! I'll do better next time. Who also forgot to thank last time is Hyungboo manager. Thanks! Now stop harassing me everytime we drink.
By JTanis 4 years ago
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