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    Rep. Tauscher Says Slowly 'Destroy' US Nuclear Stockpile



    Rep. Tauscher Says Slowly 'Destroy' US Nuclear Stockpile
    Commonwealth Club - Veterans Memorial Hall
    Congresswoman Ellen Tauscher has said, "This is a dark day for global efforts to halt the spread of weapons of mass destruction." In 2010, the world will review the Nuclear Nonproliferation Treaty. As South Asia, Iran and North Korea further pursue nuclear development, how will a nation's capability be tied to responsibility?Tauscher, as the chair of the Armed Services Strategic Forces subcommittee, has strengthened and expanded nonproliferation programs. She created the White House Office of the Coordinator on Nuclear Nonproliferation and a commission to study our nation's strategic nuclear posture.In an increasingly nuclear-capable world, Tauscher explains what is next for the United States.