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    Will Russia Ever Build a 'Western-Style' Democracy?



    Will Russia Ever Build a 'Western-Style' Democracy?
    Australian Broadcasting Corporation - ANU College of Law
    Speaking shortly after his election as President of the Russian Federation in 2008, Dmitry Medvedev highlighted his priorities in office: to maintain economic stability, to strengthen freedoms, to promote social programs, and to ensure that Russia sustains its position in the world. A year later, Medvedev's record in delivering on these promises is coming under intense scrutiny.What does Russian resurgence actually mean? How well has Russia ridden out the global financial storm? Is authoritarian rule in Russia on the wax or on the wane? What are Moscow's foreign policy objectives in dealing with the West, the Asia-Pacific, and former Soviet republics such as Georgia and Ukraine? Does Russian energy imperialism exist, or is it a product of Cold War-like paranoia? Who controls the Kremlin – Medvedev or Putin?The answers to these, and many other relevant questions, are discussed to coincide with the first anniversary of Medvedev's inauguration as the President.