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    South Korean Students Toughen Up, Marine Style


    by NTDTelevision

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    Braving the harsh winter cold, South Korean students are toughening up at a marine style boot camp. For some students, the camp has changed their outlook on life.

    During the annual winter break in South Korea, instead of staying home to watch television or play video games, some students have signed up for a boot camp to toughen up, marine style.

    Wearing military uniforms -- sometimes half-naked -- and braving chilly winter temperatures, 183 students took part in boot camp training on Friday. It was held near a beach in Ansan, about 40 miles southeast of Seoul.

    The students were put though military style training to develop their toughness and perseverance.

    The tough training pushed some students to tears.

    One boot camp trainer said the camp prepared students for the real world.

    [Park Tea-joon, Trainer]:
    "Nowadays many students are selfish and prone to lack self-reliance, easily giving up on everything because they live without brothers or sisters around. So, many parents send their children here to correct it."

    Many sign up in the hope of becoming more disciplined and to enhance their mental and physical strength.

    Training lasts for up to 10 hours a day and some students said the tough training changed their outlook on life.

    [Kang Han-sol, 15-Year-Old Trainee]:
    "I was sent here because of conflict with my parents, because I spent so much time playing computer games. With the training here, I decided to stop playing computer games and to study hard."

    Other students were not so positive about the experience.

    [Choi Na-yeon, 17-Year-Old Trainee]:
    "My mother and my father, both smiling, advised me to come here for the good experience. Then they advised me to try hard to receive a letter of commendation. After the anti-biochemical training and another training in thin clothes, I am really sorry that I decided to come here!"