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    Joanna Yeates murder police make pub appeal


    by ODN


    Police have been talking to customers in the pub visited by Joanna Yeates on the night she was last seen alive.

    The 25-year-old had spent around two hours with work colleagues in the Ram pub in Bristol city centre on the night of December 17.

    To mark the three week anniversary of the landscape architect's disappearance plain clothed officers were speaking to regulars in the Ram. Avon and Somerset Police were also putting up posters inside the pub with the aim of jogging people's memories.

    Miss Yeates left the pub in Park Street at around 8pm to make the 30-minute walk home to the flat in Canynge Road, Clifton.

    She visited three shops on the way home and was filmed on CCTV buying a pizza in Tesco Express, Clifton. The receipt was discovered in her flat but no evidence of the pizza or the packaging has ever been found.

    Miss Yeates's snow-covered body was found in a country lane three miles from her home on Christmas morning, eight days after she disappeared. She had been strangled.

    Avon and Somerset Police have said there was no evidence Miss Yeates was sexually assaulted but they have not ruled out a sexual motive.

    During the investigation, police have made just one arrest. Miss Yeates's landlord Chris Jefferies, 65, was held for three days for questioning on suspicion of murder before being released on bail. He denies any wrongdoing.

    The Sun newspaper has offered a £50,000 reward for finding the killer, in addition to the £10,000 already offered by Crimestoppers.

    Mr Jefferies, a retired former teacher at the exclusive Clifton College, is reportedly considering suing police for wrongful arrest.

    An information appeal placed on Facebook has been viewed nearly 400,000 times since Tuesday, and hundreds of people have also clicked through to the police's contact form.