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    by leelovesvideo

    A handy guide for anyone who wants to spend new year's day recreating some of their favourite moments from classic post-apocalyptic movies and games. Ever watched someone in Fallout or Mad Max or 28 Days Later or The Road wandering round an empty destroyed city filled with ravenous subhuman flesheaters and thought this would make a great theme for a party? Then this is the video for you! DO NOT REPLICATE ANYTHING IN THIS VIDEO THAT IS ILLEGAL OR DAMAGING TO YOUR HEALTH ALSO, HAPPY NEW YEAR! Thought of, directed and edited by Will Tribble Produced, filmed and lit by Geoff Gedroyc Written by Will Tribble and Geoff Gedroyc (with extra suggestions from Dan Evans, Sam Bailey and Babara Soumet-Leman) Music and sound design by Ben Ash and Candle Music. "Turbo Charged" by Yorke. Also we used a couple of sound effects from the Freesound Project. Main guy: Alessandro Visentin Party people: Sam Bailey, Adam Levy, Sarah Marsh, Mo and Salmaan Mirza Beer guy: Geoff Gedroyc Car guy: Will Tribble Middle-aged couple: Hilarie and Wady Gedroyc General film helpery: Alex Buckmaster Zardoz costume design: Alice Kristina Rose Searle Thanks to Babara Soumet-Leman for the use of their house Thanks to Nezih Savaşkan for the use of his fine microphone Thanks to Andrew Tribble for his biker clothes Special thanks to the Gedroycs for lots of stuff